Sunday, July 10, 2005

Lost in Lost in Translation

Watched Lost in Translation again last week. L watched it with me, but she just does not get it. She prefers a movie with some sort of action plot that reaches a climax and has a good or happy ending. Lost is not like that.. it is a story of a moment in time, and of some people in that time and place. It does not have a beginning or ending. It is a story of life, or a part of life.

Really not sure why I like it so much. I like Bill Murray, and find his performance in this movie very good. He does not even need dialog - the expressions on his face do the speaking. Another reason might be that I have been in Tokyo, and al lot of what I saw in the movie, brought back memories of my trip there.

Anyway, I picked up a copy cheap on eBay. I don't normally buy DVDs or VHS movies, because I rarely watch the same movie more than once. But I wanted to see the out-takes, the interviews, all the little extras they bundle into a DVD offering. Plus of course, I want to watch it again.. and again.